Swallowing/Feeding Disorder

Swallowing disorders, also commonly reffered to as Dysphagia, can result from decreased function of the oral, pharyngael or esophageal structures. Feeding disorder on the hand, often occur concurrently or as the result of a swallowing disorder. For example, a child who fed via a feeding tube may be orally averse and therefore present with a feeding disorder.

How we can help?

Swallowing disorders can be identified and treated by a Speech ­Language Pathologist. Treatment may include altering food or liquid consistencies, proper positioning, improving muscle strength, tone, and coordination, and teaching compensatory strategies. Feeding disorders can be diagnosed and treated by a Speech-Language Pathologist. Treatment will focus on identifying the cause of the disorder, developing a plan to address both behavioural and physical concomitants, and educating the family and caregivers.

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