My child has a language disorder – What now?

The period after your child’s language delay diagnosis can be an unsettling time for the whole family. What does it mean? What happens now? Having a speech and language assessment for your child with a professional speech therapist is a great first step, but you may wonder if, as a parent, if there is even more that you can do.

As a parent, you want to do more than simply observe your child’s therapy. You want to be involved.

Here are some tips on how you can reinforce your child’s speech and language therapy at home.

Understanding and Patience

Helping your child begins with understanding the diagnosis. Your speech therapist can help explain the nature of the delay. Possible sources of a speech delay in children include: oral motor difficulties (trouble using the lips, tongue, and/or jaw to make sounds), hearing problems, a cleft palate, or dental issues.

Language delays can be broken down into two categories: receptive language, which refers to the process of understanding what is said, and expressive language, which is the use of words and sentences to communicate messages to others. Delays can occur in one or both categories.

Achieving goals takes time, it is important to recognize that each child is an individual and the time it takes to achieve certain goals will vary.


As a parent, you can encourage your child in many different ways.

Language and speech is developed, not taught. Parents are the main language and speech role models for their children. The key is to foster a supportive, natural approach to treating your child’s language delay outside of the method used in their program.

Everyday Events

You have the opportunity to show your child the practical, real-world applications and make use of everyday situations to reinforce language. For example, if your child is with you when you clean a room or shop for groceries, talk your way through the process. Verbally identify the items you pick up and what you’re doing with them and then pausing to give your child an opportunity to talk.

We will work with you to develop ways to support your child’s speech therapy at home in a fun, engaging, and supportive manner. For more information or to book an assessment please leave a message here.

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