Speech Therapy for Adults

There are a number of reasons why speech difficulties occur in adulthood. Adults may experience speech and language difficulties for a variety of reasons, see below.

Accident or Injury

Unfortunately accidents happen, and these can lead to damage of the brain or speech muscles.

Disease and Illness

Certain disease and illness can cause speech difficulties due to muscle or brain cell degeneration.

Articulatory Difficulties

Some adults have had speech difficulties since childhood.

Dysfluency (Stammering or Stuttering)

This is a common disorder and can have a major impact on the life and wellbeing of many adults.


This is a motor speech disorder caused by a neurological injury or disease.


Voice disorders are normally caused by environmental, organic or neurological factors.

We offer speech therapy to adults at our practice. Because of the diverse nature of this type of therapy, our approach remains relevant and intentional at all times. We also work alongside a multi disciplinary team of medical professionals, depending on the finding.

  • Our speech therapists will attend a Voice clinic with an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT). There he or she will administer a stroboscopic assessment and we will view the video recordings as well. From there we will be able to provide the necessary voice therapy.
  • We assess feeding difficulties in ICU’s and Medical Wards and make the appropriate recommendations to improve swallowing. We identify swallowing difficulties through an X-ray test called a Modified Barium Swallow. This test will help determine the most suitable treatment or management technique for swallowing problems.
  • We help patients who have speech difficulties after a stroke. We also assist with improving any communication challenges.
  • We help adults that suffer from stuttering to control their stutter.

If you have concerns about your speech, voice or any one of the factors mentioned above, please leave us a message to book an appointment.

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