What to expect during the early intervention

What to expect during a Speech Therapy session age 2 and up

Children love Speech Therapy, as they don’t realize that they are working while they are playing. Therapy will occur in an office or clinic setting. How many therapy sessions and how long the therapy will be is determined during the feedback session with the parent.

What occurs during the initial therapy session?

The Speech Therapist will build a relationship with your child. It may take more than one therapy session to build the relationship. The therapist may request that you bring your child’s favourite toys or use her own toys during the session. It is vital that your child has fun during therapy. It is important that your child has fun with her and feels comfortable for success in ongoing therapy.

The therapist may ask more questions regarding your child’s interests and disinterests. She may give you ideas on how to stimulate your child’s language at home.

What occurs during the rest of the therapy sessions?

Your little one may visits the Speech Therapist once or twice a week depending on what was discussed during the feedback session. Session may be based on themes e.g. My Body, My 5 Sense, Farm animals etc.

The therapist will work on a set of goals that were identified during the evaluation. Feel free to ask what goal the activity is targeting during the therapy session. It is very important that you are aware of the goals and feel free to ask any questions during the session if you don’t understand. Parents are an important part of the therapeutic process.

The intervention is based on play. Children learn while playing. Playing is a natural way that children learn. Children want to talk and communicate during play. Play allows children to develop their communication ability, physical ability, imagination, emotional strength and cognitive ability. Therapy will consist of reading books, playing with theme-based toys, building puzzles, playing with cards and colouring worksheets.

After each therapy session the therapist will give feedback on the session. At this point you may discuss your concerns with her or ask any questions. The therapist should be able to give you any resources, tips or information. Usually a home programme is give to practice at home. Sufficient progress does not occur if a home programme is not practiced on a daily basis.

Please note that if you are aware that your child is not speaking appropriately for his age, please have him/her evaluated immediately. It will make a huge difference to you and your toddler’s life

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