7 Tips to Improve a Child’s Language Delay

Are you concerned that your child is not speaking appropriately for his/her age. These tips will help to promote language stimulation within your home.

1. Give your Child’s words Power

Parents in generally are intuitive with regards to their child’s needs and wants. A parents is able to determine what a child wants when he/she starts pointing, grunting, whining, or using any other form of non-verbal communication. Instead of giving your child yoghurt because he/she is standing in front of the fridge. Give his/her words power by allowing them to asks for it. Why should a child learn the word if he is given that which he desires without asking for it.

2. Repeat and Extend your child’s words

When playing with your child and he/she says the word” ball”. Extend their sentences by a word or two e.g. “Red Ball”. It’s a great way to improve their sentence construction too. If the child says: ”Mommy shop go” You can improve his/her sentence by saying “Mommy goes to the shop”.

3. Read a Book to your Child

Allow your child to choose his or her favourite book. Read the same book to them each night. The more they hear the book the more likely they will use the vocabulary, grammar and sentences in the book. Only change the book once they child appears to be bored of the book. Children enjoy hearing the same book over and over again.

4. Name all Objects and Things around you

Children with Language Delays have difficulty with building their vocabulary. Name the objects and things within any environment that you may find yourself in. Wherever you are there is an opportunity to develop vocabulary.

5. Teach your Child Sign Language if he/she is not speaking or starting to talk late

Sign Language will teach your child the power of communication. It will encourage and motivate him/her to speak in order to have their needs met. There are many course available, books in the library or Google signs Language that you can teach your child. If you child can imitate a physical action such as clapping, he/she will learn sign language easily.

6. Use Shorter Sentences when giving Instruction

A child with a Language Delay has difficulty following instructions. Try to make your instructions shorter and to the point. E.g. Instead of saying “Sally goes to the bedroom and get the ball for daddy” make your sentence shorter by saying “Sally, fetch the ball.” Once your child is able to follow 1 step Instruction you can start making the instruction more challenging.

7. Use shorter sentences when speaking to your child.

When speaking to your child, your sentence structure should be slightly above their their language level. E.g. if your child uses many 1 words but not using 2 word utterances  yet then you should speak to him/her using many singular words and 2 word utterances. The reason is that he/she may not be able to understand longer utterances yet. You are also providing an example of how he/she can put 2 word utterances together.

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