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For the past 3 months I noticed that my 7 year old was starting to stutter. I spoke to her Pediatrician. He said that if my daughter did not see a Speech Therapist before she was an adult it would affect her self-esteem and she will have difficulty overcoming her stuttering. If she receives therapy as a child the stuttering will not affect her daily life, social relationships and her success at school.

I prayed and cried as we lived in a rural area and did not have a Speech Therapist close by. I would have to spend many hours on the road to the nearest Speech Therapist office. I searched the Internet and found Speech Therapy online by the Gillian Adonis Speech Therapy Practice. It was ideal for my daughter who is home schooled. All therapists at the practice are Professional University graduates with experience in Speech and Language Therapy. The therapist that saw my daughter was professional, friendly and warm during the initial consultation. My daughter received therapy on a weekly basis. Her stuttering has reduced as she is able to control it better.

At the initial consultation we connected via Skype. I spoke to the therapist for the first 30 minutes providing information about her history and the development of her stuttering. I found that my daughter’s stuttering became worse when she was excited. I felt so much better when she told me that she would teach my daughter techniques to help her control her stuttering.

The therapist asked my daughter interesting questions like: Do you have any tricks to get the words out? Does anyone tease you about your speech?

My daughter read her reader to the therapist and had a conversation with her while the therapist took notes. The therapist showed her to slow down her speaking like a snail and to try and stretch out her words. We practiced these exercises at home on a daily basis. My daughter stutter reduced immensely. She became more confident when speaking.

If you would like your child to receive therapy from the comfort of their own home please contact us via email gillian@gillianadonis.com or 072 225 6928.

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